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Discover Sri Lanka in a new dawn by availing specially designed tour packages of As our Mission, “We say that your happiness is our thrust, and our thrust is to move forward and to provide you with the perfect solution to your travel goals”. The fascinating land of Sri Lanka has so much to explore.

Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia, Located southeast of India and northeast of Maldives. The island is home to many cultures, languages and ethnicities. Tourism in Sri Lanka is growing rapidly. For centuries, Sri Lanka has been a popular place of attraction for foreign travelers. Marco Polo described Sri Lanka as the finest island of its size in the world, while successive waves of Indian, Arab and European traders and adventurers flocked to its palm-fringed shores, attracted by reports of rare spices, precious stones and magnificent elephants

Sri Lanka packs an extraordinary variety of places to visit within its modest physical dimensions, and few islands of comparable size can boast a natural environment of such beauty and diversity. Lapped by the Indian Ocean, the coast is fringed with idyllic and often refreshingly undeveloped beaches, while the interior boats a compelling variety of landscapes ranging from wildlife rich lowland jungles, home to extensive populations of elephants, leopards and rare endemic bird species, to the misty heights of the hill country, swathed in immaculately manicured tea plantations. Nor does the island lack in manmade attractions.

One segment of these tour packages will embark you on exclusive visits to beaches, jungles and world heritage sites, thereby bringing one step closer to the cultural façade of Sri Lanka. A visit to rising ecotourism star Sri Lanka is kind of like having the best of Africa and Asia all rolled into a single easy to get around island.

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